Cardiology Locums

Primary Diagnostics are re-launching its bespoke cardiac physiologist locum service!

It differs from ALL other staff management services because we handpick the locums to fit the job, and only supply experienced, senior cardiac physiologists

We are owned and run by practicing cardiac physiologists and cardiologists who are driven to ‘shake up the locum market’ and actually deliver what we promise… our reputation depends on it!

We have been so frustrated by the ‘hit and miss’ approach to locum supply that we ask you to try our service to see how it compares!

Our overriding questions when designing our service model:

  • Do you ALWAYS get the locums you want?
  • Do you ALWAYS trust the work undertaken by locums you get?
  • How much management time does a new locum take up?
  • Can you just get the locums for the days you need them for, or do you need to expensively block book?

Our locums are generally local, senior and have years of NHS experience, meaning you will probably know them! This greatly reduces any risk of poor quality or unpredictability.

From day one our locums will add value, leaving you to focus on your job, not needing to handhold!

We also only provide locums on the days that you need them. Even if that’s just one day a week/ month/ year!

Our Locum Service Standards

To get past our rigorous screening process, our locums must demonstrate to the Primary Diagnostics Review Panel- EXPERIENCE, SENIORITY and a PROVEN TRACK RECORD.

The review panel for each applicant is made up of a practicing senior Cardiac Physiologist and a Consultant Cardiologist. This panel has the sole responsibility of ensuring that anyone who attends a clients’ site is properly qualified and experienced.

Primary Diagnostics is designed to add value to your department immediately by ONLY dealing with experienced UK cardiac physiologists. We ask you to try our service to see how it compares with the norm!