Patient Activity Monitoring

A key tool for Post-Op Recovery Measurement

Using the PD-Active Model to undertake Patient Benefit Modelling and create your own bespoke Health Economic Measurement data.

Primary Diagnostics have collaborated with leading European University Hospitals to design and build our unique PD-Active System. This is made possible due to our unique design and innovation. Now, for the first time, the medical community can undertake age agnostic wearable device based studies. For patients who do not own smartphones, or who do not have ready access to Wi-Fi, we have a solution that ensures full patient involvement.

  • The worlds first age agnostic process to support patient related wearable trials/ patient management programs. No need to use Apps or Wi-Fi with your wearables
  • FAST, LESS EXPENSIVE Patient Focused Trials with live feedback dashboards designed by senior physicians and clinical experts
  • Digitalise your clinical research projects or behavioural impact studies
  • Improve protocol & study adherence without age related issues with web & mobile apps
  • Optimise care pathways based on study outcomes based on patient experience
  • Have full control over your clinical trial process executed with us for medical device/Pharma companies